Greetings, true believers!

Well...I lied, I guess. I fully intended to keep going with this thing, but I'll be honest, WTJP! just wasn't as fun to do any more as it was when I first started. When I started out I had in mind to do just a sort of skit show, only with toys. But then I got bogged down in storylines and plots and all that crap. Honestly, I got carried away. I found that telling a good story was hard. Telling a half-assed, mediocre story...ALSO HARD!

So anyway, this strip has been on the back-burner for a few months and after I shot it I just said "screw it." Well, some of you folks have been loyal readers and I thought I owed it to you happy few to give you an explanation (however brief, see above) and provide you with a little closure. So here it is, some closure.

We open and Optimus Prime has been assassinated (he was dead, like really for real dead!) The opening panel was inspired by the panel in Marvel Civil War where Captain America had just been shot. The next panel is a ZOMG OMINOUS close-up on our villain, Optimash Prime. Our final panels are the two assassins wondering where Hardtop is, and Hardtop cleaning-up loose ends.


Now obviously this was not the end of the story. From here I planned on having Bumblebee discover that Optimash Prime was behind Optimus' assassination and it was all part of a plot to put himself as the sole ruling power in the room. He would have sought out Animated Prowl's help and the two of them would have put an end to Optimash's tyranny. The conclusion of this story would have had Optimash tumbling from his high throne room to the floor, falling to pieces once he lands. Bumblebee and Prowl would have then gone to the rest of the toys and explained what happened. Our final shot would have revealed the butt/storage panel on Optimash slowly opening to reveal...REVOLTECH MEGATRON (GASP!!!) Yet another failed plan by Megatron to take over the room!

Anyway, that's the story, boys and girls. For those of you that have followed WTJP! for all these years, a great big thank you to each and every one of you (okay, both of you!) To those of you I leave disappointed, bite me. All is not lost, though. I am pleased to announce that WTJP!'s sister blog, Addicted to Plastic is, believe it or not (okay, you don't believe it), will actually be making a return after a two-year hiatus. Thanks, guys! And EXCELSIOR!


Civil War pt. 15


No issue next week, so I gave ya a double-issue this week.