So, we've got more important things to worry about at Well, That's Just Prime! HQ. No comic this week. We'll resume as soon as we can.

UPDATE: Well, we lived through Gustav. Lost power for five days, a tree branch broke the door to my utility shed, and a large tree uprooted and tore up part of my fence, but other than that we're okay.

Unfortunately, I have some four metric tonnes of tree trunks, branches, limbs, and leaves to clean up, so we may be out of action for a while. But fear not, dear reader! As soon as the yard is clean (and my back heals up) we will resume!

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes.


A Meeting

Make sure you get caught up before reading this one. Check out the last three comics.

A Meeting



Okay, there are three things you need to be able to make a great webcomic. Well, to make a webcomic, anyway:
1) Time 2) Fresh camera batteries 3) Not writer's block

Unfortunately, I found myself with a shortage of all three recently. Also, my brother has come in from out of state, so I will be visiting with him the weekend coming up, which means chances of a new strip being published this weekend either. However, being of the magnanimous sort (and I was tired of Derachi complaining that the comic is late) I decided to give you guys a little teaser for what's coming up. So here ya go!


(HINT: Click on the picture for a closer view, genius.)

And here's a nice little ad if you, for some odd reason, wanted to help spread The Word (tm).

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