Still Kickin'

Contrary to popular belief, I have not been apprehended by the authorities. I am alive and well. Unfortunately, what HAS happened is Ol' Heavyarms has come down with a nasty bout of unemployment.

Now sure, you would think that this would leave me with ample time to script, storyboard, set up, photograph, letter and post strips for WTJP! but...well, it kind of does. The sad fact is, though, that its kind of hard to have the mindset "I wonder how much longer I can pay my mortgage? LOL! Toys R teh FUNNI3!"

Admittedly, things aren't quite as bad as all that. My wife and I didn't have a HUGE savings, but we have some and I'm also drawing unemployment, so we're not doing too bad as far as our monthly budget is concerned. However, I can't in good conscience go spend the couple of hours it takes to make a WTJP! strip (believe it or not, I actually do spend quite a bit of time on these things...I know, you can't tell) while my wife is staying at school an extra hour to tutor students and make some extra cash and them coming home and asking me if I got any job offers or interviews that day.

Fear not, though, dear reader! Things are looking up, the wheels are in motion, something could happen any time, and as soon as I am gainfully employed, WTJP! will be back with a vegeance. Then you'll ALL PAY!!!

Until then, feel free to drop by over at Transformers Fans In Name Only and say "hello." Tell them ST53 sent you.