The Wrong Idol


So, BW Megatron totally looks like the kind of bot that would watch American Idol. I mean, he's lavender for Pete's sake! And I only know that a guy named "David" won because...uhhh...my WIFE told me...yeah. That's it!



Promotional Materials

So, this is one of the multiple (two) ads I've created to promote this site. Of course, in keeping with the Well, That's Just Prime! philosophy of being retarded, I'm posting it here...allowing me to promote my site...at...my...own...site.

Marketing genius I am not.

Here's the direct link. Feel free to distribute. (In God's name, WHY???)


The Adventures of not-Astrotrain and Blitzwing

The Adventures of Astrotrain and Blitzwing 4

So here's my tribute to Indiana Jones. Anyone else pumped about the new movie?