The Adventures of not-Astrotrain and Blitzwing

The Adventures of Astrotrain and Blitzwing 4

So here's my tribute to Indiana Jones. Anyone else pumped about the new movie?


me said...

I am pumped. My first thought when I saw the trailer was, "He looks old." Then I thought, "Of course he looks old, you idiot." And then I just enjoyed the trailer. I hope he puts Shia Lebuff in his place.

googum said...

Heck yes, even though it's a stark reminder how old I am: my wife and son really aren't.

That Indy looks good there, too; better than I'd expected: the scale's too small for my tastes, but you made it work!

Heavyarms said...

In case anyone is interested in picking up an Indy figure, I've got to recommend the "old coot" version over the "younger" version.

The "young" version, which comes with the golden fertility idol he tries to recover at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark, has a few flaws=:
1) I had a hell of a time finding one that actually looked like Harrison Ford. Most of the ones I saw had bug eyes and gimpy paint jobs on the face.
2) The little "man purse" and the jacket are molded as one piece, and the jacket hinders posing a little.
3) The hat is not removable.

The "old coot" version, which comes with the Crystal Skull from the new movie has a removable hat, and the "man purse" is actually removable. Also, the arms aren't as thick at the shoulders, so you can put them closer to the body, which looks more normal. The only drawback is that the revolver he comes with does not fit in the holster (more correctly, the holster is not molded to hold the revolver). On the younger figure, you can put the revolver in its holster. Most importantly, though, the older version actually looks more like Harrison Ford than the younger figure.