Yesterday this blog had 3 followers and now it only has 2 followers. Which one of you f*ckers quit following me?


Still, no...

...Still no word from Skywalker. I'll make it you to you loyal readers (Derachi) next week. Double issue. I may even have, like, extra panels or something. Patience, you must learn patience. And if anyone is interested, please note that over on the right I have provided a link where you might possibly be able to acquire some of the figures that have fallen victim to the Toy Registration and are being purged.


Still Behind

So, we're still running behind (3-year old's birthday party tomorrow), but in the meantime, you can enjoy my Star Wars Transformers Millenium Falcon Crossover review. NOW WITH PICTURES! Dig it!


Not this week...

...probably not next week. Sorry. Spent half the day in the attic pulling a bed frame down, and the other half spreading paint stripper on the frame so my daughter can move in to a "big girl" bed. So, no time to work on WTJP!

However, all is not lost dear reader, I am going back and updating some old posts on my toy blog with PICTURES. Yes, that's right, when I started my toy blog I didn't actually post pictures of some of the toys I posted about. What?

Anyway, check it out, please.


Cantina of Fear


P.S. For those interested, I didn't come up with this title on my own, it is taken from a song by one of my favorite bands, NESkimos. The song is actually a cover of the song Cantina Band written by John Williams and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra (maybe you've heard of it?) You can listen to the song here. (If you're an old-school Nintendo fan, you should pick up one of their albums...if you can find it!)











Rounding Them Up


In case no one can tell, that third panel is my tribute to those GI Joe comics from the 80's.


Getting Rid of Some Stuff

Well, the first victims of the Registration have been located and are being purged sold to good homes.

Please take a look at my "For Sale" list and if anything catches your eye, drop me a line.

PRODUCTION NOTE: I've also screwed around with the HTML on my Past Issues drop down menu. If you notice any problems, please let me know.


Surviving Gustav

Just a quick little goodie for those of you that have had patience with the WTJP! crew these last few weeks. I snapped this when I was bored one night after my 80th or 90th game of solitaire. If you look closely, you might even catch a glimpse of ol' H-Arms himself.



We're alive

I'm happy to announce that Well, That's Just Prime! is back in production and will return this weekend!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes.



So, we've got more important things to worry about at Well, That's Just Prime! HQ. No comic this week. We'll resume as soon as we can.

UPDATE: Well, we lived through Gustav. Lost power for five days, a tree branch broke the door to my utility shed, and a large tree uprooted and tore up part of my fence, but other than that we're okay.

Unfortunately, I have some four metric tonnes of tree trunks, branches, limbs, and leaves to clean up, so we may be out of action for a while. But fear not, dear reader! As soon as the yard is clean (and my back heals up) we will resume!

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes.


A Meeting

Make sure you get caught up before reading this one. Check out the last three comics.

A Meeting



Okay, there are three things you need to be able to make a great webcomic. Well, to make a webcomic, anyway:
1) Time 2) Fresh camera batteries 3) Not writer's block

Unfortunately, I found myself with a shortage of all three recently. Also, my brother has come in from out of state, so I will be visiting with him the weekend coming up, which means chances of a new strip being published this weekend either. However, being of the magnanimous sort (and I was tired of Derachi complaining that the comic is late) I decided to give you guys a little teaser for what's coming up. So here ya go!


(HINT: Click on the picture for a closer view, genius.)

And here's a nice little ad if you, for some odd reason, wanted to help spread The Word (tm).

Village Joes


Back from Teh Ded

Fear not, mere mortals! Well, That's Just Prime! returns this week! With a vengeance!

Well, at least a tiny whimper...


Heavyarms, We Have a Problem

Heavyarms, We Have a Problem

New Episode Coming Tonight!

Featuring a very special guest star...

Me! Ol' Heavyarms himself.


Little Big Bot

Alright, I totally half-assed this one. Sorry!

Little Big Bot


The Wrong Idol


So, BW Megatron totally looks like the kind of bot that would watch American Idol. I mean, he's lavender for Pete's sake! And I only know that a guy named "David" won because...uhhh...my WIFE told me...yeah. That's it!



Promotional Materials

So, this is one of the multiple (two) ads I've created to promote this site. Of course, in keeping with the Well, That's Just Prime! philosophy of being retarded, I'm posting it here...allowing me to promote my site...at...my...own...site.

Marketing genius I am not.

Here's the direct link. Feel free to distribute. (In God's name, WHY???)


The Adventures of not-Astrotrain and Blitzwing

The Adventures of Astrotrain and Blitzwing 4

So here's my tribute to Indiana Jones. Anyone else pumped about the new movie?



Sorry about last week, folks. My grandaddy died so I've had other things to attend to. We should pick back up this week. No promises...


Not tonight, honey...

...I'm doing the taxes. Tomorrow night, I promise.


The Awakening of Bumblebee pt. 4

Late again. No where near internet last night.


Writing 101: Robots + Cheesing it = Comedy gold. I'm serious, go look it up.


The Awakening of Bumblebee pt. 3

Look ma, I'm on time!


I wanted 'Bee to say "remember what Dirk Diggler always says..." but I couldn't decide which was funnier. Then I remembered this gayness. So there you go.


The Awakening of Bumblebee pt. 2

The Awakening of Bumblebee pt. 2

Sick pt. 2

This time my son has strep throat. I plan on posting the new issue tonight (probably late tonight)(or maybe early Sunday morning). Thanks to the 2 or 3 of you that actually read this thang.


The Awakening of Bumblebee

So, I've got a guest writer of sorts for this chapter in our ongoing saga...world-renowned GI Joe action figure killer (and my littler brother), TheBleakRanger.

The Awakening of Bumblebee Ch. 1



The Greatest Story Ever Told: Episode V

I hope you guys like Star Wars-themed comics...

The Greatest Story Ever Told Episode II

...'cause I got a few more!


The Problem

The Problem

Yeah, so Well, That's Just Prime! resorted to a wee-wee joke. Sue me. Alternators Optimus Prime did get shafted in the firearm department, though, didn't he?


Site Problems

Anyone else having problems getting the drop down menus on the right to work? Any suggestions?


The Epilogue...of Chapter 2

Okay, no comic last week, hopefully this one was worth the wait. I doubt it. Back on schedule next week, I already have it set up to shoot!

The Epilogue - of Chapter 2