The End of The Awakening of Bumblebee

The Awakening of Bumblebee pt. 8


Jim said...

Good thing you misspelled "excelsior." I'm pretty sure by this point Stan Lee's got the copyright on it.

Your comics are always fabulous. Are you excited about any of the announcements from Botcon?

Heavyarms said...

To be honest, Jim, I haven't kept up with the Botcon stuff, so I don't know what's coming out. I'm already pumped about Animated and the Universe/Classics 2.0 line, so anything they announced at Botcon would be gravy.

Anonymous said...

mate, haven't commented yet, but I was put onto your blog through IDW's forum, and i love it. Nice finish to the arc. Inspired by your webcomics.

puppylove said...

excellent ending!! XD

Heavyarms said...

Bassbot, welcome! IDW forums, huh? I'll have to check that out, haven't been there in a looong time.

Teresa, welcome back! Hope you didn't spend too much at the GRC.

Everybody give it up to TheBleakRanger for coming up with this story line. Unless you hated it, in which case, it wasn't my fault this time!

Heavyarms said...

(nobody noticed my "rolling wheel" effects on Prime. *sniff*)