Happy Holidays

Just to show you what kind of a lazy basttid I am; I had this thing finished for New Year's Day, but I didn't actually get around to posting it until now. I was planning on doing that one then and putting up a new one this weekend, but...ships that pass in the night. Or something.


Anyway, you can look at this week's comic one of two ways:

1) I'm late posting it, in which case its business as usual at WTJP! headquarters.


2) I'm early posting this one for Christmas 2009, and I shafted you out of a new comic for this week, in which case its business as usual at WTJP! headquarters.


Anonymous said...

"That was uncalled for."
No. That was funny as hell.

jim said...

Either way, well done. ;)

Derachi said...

I'm gonna go with Option 1 :P.

I expected a "My parents are DEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAD" quote, but alas.

It's good to see you still haven't lost your touch (read: paint thinner).

Derachi said...


Link for those who need it.

Matt said...

ROFL. Good show.

And even better thanks to your 'business as usual' comments.

~Matt Booker

TheBleakRanger said...

that...was... AWESOME!!

Deadwolf said...


Dash said...

Very nice. Nothing like a good dead parents joke to start off the new year.

Derachi said...

Tentacle Grape.



lol I read about that on www.giantbomb.com (hopefully my future employer).

Derachi said...

whurs noo comic?