Civil War pt. 3


duh duh duuuuhhhhhh


Deadwolf said...

the "retardocity" continues... Excellent!

Dash said...

Optimash Prime is a chick?

Matt said...

Totally a chick. You must not know the truth about Hood Chests.

I'm curious as to how many more H words you're going to use. Hoardin, Hostile, He-Man.

~Matt Booker

Matt said...

Hiss Tankin, Hebrew, Horrendous, Hermaphridic, Hollerin, Heinous, Heinrad, Hallie Berry.

~Matt Booker

Heavyarms said...

@ Matt - I have run out of H-adjectives yet.

@ Dash - It's actually an "easter egg" of sorts, a reference to an earlier strip (Waaay earlier). Believe me, it will all make sense in the end.

Derachi said...

Once again, Matt promotes his own blog :P.

Not that he shouldn't, it's a great blog.

Hey Heavyarms, how many more issues is this story arc going to be? Have you any idea, or are you winging it?

Heavyarms said...

yes and no