The Leader

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Heavyarms said...

Classics Prime is basically going to be the protagonist of this strip.

"The Leader" is my 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime I got for my anniversary a few years back at amazon.com. I replaced the shortened "tardo" smokestacks with some replica long stacks I bought at agesthreeandup.com, hence his more Masterpiece-like appearance. I'm still blown away by this figure everytime I look at it. I can't recommend this figure (or the 20th Anniversary DVD Prime, basically this figure with animation colors) enough.

I intended to have MP Optimus in the "Conan on his throne" pose seen at the end of Conan the Barbarian. However, the arms do not bend enough for Prime's fist to reach his chin, so I had to settle on a pose that makes him look like my Grandaddy after he just got done with Thanksgiving dinner. Oh well.