The EVIL Arrival

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Heavyarms said...

The first time I shot this strip, I used the actual box from HobbyLink Japan that my Revoltech Megatron came in. The problem was, the box was about twice the size of the box in the finished product. It literally towered over my BW Megatron's head. Because of the box's size, I couldn't get zoom in close enough for you to see the detail of the Revoltech Megatron figure as he bursts from the top of the box and still include the other characters in the shot. Thankfully, I order a lot of crap from HLJ and had smaller box around.

In order to retain continuity, I had to go back and re-shoot all four panels. The first outside shots I had picked a nice sunny day and really liked the finished shots. When I went back to reshoot the panels, however, it was mostly cloudy, and got some differing results. I a few really nice shots when the sun peeked out behind the clouds, but the coloring was slightly different from most of the shots I had. The sun was behind a cloud for most of them, and gave them a slightly bluish tint.

Unfortunately for me, I was running out of day light and the next day I had to work on the lettering, etc., so I had to settler for what I had. I guess it still turned out okay.

The other figures used are:
Beast Wars Megatron, Waspinator and Tarantulas (the last two are 10th Anniversary re-releases), and
Classics Ramjet and Starscream.

tfruge1 said...

This is pretty cool. I really like your strips. I bet you have a blast making them.