The EVIL Plan pt. 1

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tfruge1 said...

Not bad! Very cool.

Heavyarms said...

I tried to establish the "bad" toy faction's hang-out as a place of impending evil, hence the Darth Vader statue, Dale Earnhardt car, LEGO Darth Vader TIE fighter, and Taco Bell Godzilla cup collection in the background.

However, I think all that stuff makes the background too cluttered, so let's just say this is happening out on the street while I try to figger out what the bad guys' lair is going to look like.

I had thought of using "Fried Green Tomatoes" or "Steel Magnolias" instead, but for some reason the thought of Megatron sitting down to watch "Waiting to Exhale" cracks me up.

I got to feature my absolute favorite Beast Wars character, Inferno, finally. While all the other characters are aware that they are only toys, Inferno is not. The joke here is that Inferno's character in the Beast Wars show thought he was actually an Ant (althought a pyromaniacal one), and thought that Megatron was his "queen." Since I loved that trait so much in the show, I decide that my strip's character, Inferno, is going to think he really is Inferno, who in turn thinks he really is an ant.