The EVIL Plan pt. 2

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Heavyarms said...

You can't really see it, but I wanted to establish this "location" as a "wretched hive of scum and villainy," so I stuck some scum and villains in the background. There's two Boba Fett figures (the Star Wars/M&M Mpire one is the only one you can really see), a Dengar, and a Venom figure from Burger King, visible in the last panel. I didn't want to clutter up the background like I did with the last strip, so I kind of stuck these in the periphery.

I wanted to put a Jedi Starfighter behind our two main characters to imply that's how Megatron arrived, but felt that also made the background too busy and decided not to use it.

Finally, we have the appearance of our first non-Transformers character, and he's my all time favorite GI Joe figure, Firefly.

I love this Revoltech Megatron figure, he's a hell of an actor.

Filthy said...

Wow, these are actually funny. I'm not used to that from toy based webcomics. Keep up the good work.

(Little does Heavyarms know that Filthy is just Frowny McBeard under a pseudonym. Will he find out the truth in time???-ED)

Heavyarms said...

Wow, thanks "Filthy" (If that is your REAL name...)

Of course, now I have the added pressure of trying to be funny week in and week out. Crap. Just keep checking it out every Friday. I'm sure I'll disappoint you eventually.

Oh, and "Tell your friends!"