The Downgrade

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Heavyarms said...

My very first Special Effects shot! I'm pleased with it, although I wish I could have done a little more with the lighting to give it a bluish glow.

This strip made me alter my production process a bit. What I had been doing was using Photoshop to letter and put in speech balloons then save those pictures as both a Photoshop file and a JPEG. I then use MS Paint to put each individual JPEG into a four panel strip and save that as a larger JPEG. However, in doing this I noticed that some of the special effects words (BEEP! VROOM!) and the energy ray beam in this week's strip were becoming pixelated and losing their detail. What I did on this week's strip was save the strip as a Bitmap in Paint, THEN using Photoshop to save the BMP as a JPEG. I don't lose any of the detail this way. I am going back and fixing my older strips and will upload those eventually.

For those curious, the "downgraded" figure is a "Preview Protoform Optimus Prime" from the 2007 Transformers movie line. It's a nice toy, great detail and very poseable, it just ain't Optimus Prime.

Anonymous said...

Dude, i may go out and buy the protopoop prime just because of your comics... friggin hilarious. :)

keep it up