The Journey

Well, That's Just Prime! will be on vacation for the next two weeks, so we present this special Double Sized I'm-On-Vaction Issue Spectacular! (and there may even be a bonus issue next week!)

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Heavyarms said...
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Heavyarms said...

Okay, so I resorted to the "Transformers watching movies" joke again (see the June 1st issue "The EVIL Plan pt. 1). These guys, In my mind, when they aren't out saving the world (which they don't do too frequently) don't have anything to do. So they sit around and watch movies all day. Kind of like me. You know, except for the whole "saving the world" thing.

My absolute favorite shot I have ever done is the fourth panel of this strip where MP Optimus is partially out of picture. He's larger than life, and I think this picture shows that. It was quite accidental. I wanted to get a nice tight shot of Mirage scanning Protoform OP, and I couldn't do that and keep MP OP in frame, so I figured I'd just cut his head off. Worked out well, I think.

Also, I originally planned to have MP OP explain the "de-value-mizer" but I couldn't get that much text to fight and still have the speech balloon alight to him, so I decided to have Armada Prime explain it.

There's also a slight continuity error here. If you notice in the third to last panel, Mirage is to Armada OP's right, then in the next panel he's moved to Armada Op's left, back into the huddle with Smokescreen and MP OP. Then in the final panel, he's back to Armada OP's right. I decided that I wanted Mirage to make the joke about Protoform Prime's appearance, since Armada OP made the joke in the last issue, but I didn't want to go back and reshoot the whole last half of the strip. Pretend Mirage moves really fast.

Alternators Smokescreen makes his first appearance here. The Alternators were a line of realistic 1:24 scale vehicles that turned into authentic Transformers characters. They were a mondernization of the original 80's toys, and most actually shared some sort of design trait with the original toy/character. You'll see the original G1 Smokescreen in an upcoming issue. Sadly, like the Classics line, the Alternators line has been placed on indefinite hold to make way for the new line of toys from the upcoming picture. It is not likely that the line will return.